Monday, June 1, 2015

NO DAILY BONUS & FREE GIFT so far (June, 1st)


For now there are NO DAILY BONUS POINT and FREE Item (LA Consumable lately). When or IF they will be available WE WILL POST them. We are waiting for Zynga, again. 

Zynga and Mafia Wars lately has lot of problems, Facebook caused lot or even all of them. Funny "A Link in Your Post Might Be Unsafe" with impossible option to select ALL photos which shows: bicycle, waterfalls, lions, tigers or whatever Facebook put there. I am pretty sure that nobody found all photos of stuffs Facebook wish us to select. Then they offer option to do this security check with text or audio instead of photos. In Mafia Wars game this happens since Lucky Break is released and you will get this stupid security check when try to post anything from this part of the game. 
This is not only game this stupid security check popup. Other games (not Zynga's) have that popups already but they somehow fix that (or pay to Facebook a bit more money). When something like this jump in Mafia Wars, we are all much more sensitive, even mad, but not on Facebook. For Mafia Wars players always is just one guilty and that is Zynga, no matter is she guilty or not. 
Well, we have a lot of reasons to blame Zynga: gray screen with server connection message, zmc almost impossible to open, everything in the game is working very slow or not working at all, building properties in some or all cities impossible (for some players)...etc, etc. And options for contacting Zynga Support is the saddest story. Zynga Support on Facebook is totally useless, as it is official Zynga Support. Only some players have option to contact them through e-mail and from time to time with chat option. Forum, twitter, ask player or any other option official Zynga Support offer is totally useless. That is sad and very bad. 
Result of this is DAU is very bad, and every minute this game is loosing players. 

Do you Zynga really wish that?
At this moment for all Facebook users and Mafia Wars players, Facebook and Zynga are guilty to all charges. Losers!!!