Wednesday, June 17, 2015

Update: Mock War Sponsorship Program

Mock Wars have been an integral part of the Mafia Wars experience. Over the past year, we have truly enjoyed working with our diehard fans while creating loot for sponsored Mock Wars and also supporting great causes.
We have been receiving multiple requests for Mock War sponsorships and wish to inform our community that we have temporarily suspended the Mock War sponsorship program for Mafia Wars until further notice.
If you have submitted a Mock War request to us and haven’t received a response yet, we apologize for not getting back to you earlier.
We will inform our community once we re-open the Mock War sponsorship program at a later date. The participants will need to apply again once the program re-opens.
We thank all clan members who have participated in Mock Wars till date, for sending in their inputs, organizing the events and participating with full strength every single time.
The team is working on new features and improvements to make Mafia Wars even more fun.
Keep checking Mafia Wars blog for more updates.
- Mafia Wars Team