Friday, June 26, 2015

FAQ: Double Extortion Run


Q: What is Double Extortion Run?
Double Extortion Run is a limited-time event exclusive to Active Mafia Wars VIP Members. In this event, the eligible players can extort 2 items for the price of 1 and get an amazing deal on Skill Points and Loot!
Q: I am not subscribed to Mafia Wars VIP Membership program; will I be eligible for this event?
No, you should be an Active VIP Member (any Tier) in order to avail the Double Extortion Run. You cansubscribe to VIP membership program and gain access to this event while it is active.
Q: When is the Double Extortion Run available?
Double Extortion Run is an exclusive and limited-time event which will be available from time to time. The availability of this event will be within limited time slots which will be announced ahead of time for all future runs.
The event will available for the first time on June 26th 2015, between 9 AM to 10 AM Pacific Time.
Q: How do I subscribe to VIP Membership? 
Click here to know more about Mafia Wars VIP Membership and to subscribe.
Q: How does the event work?
While the event is ON, the VIP Membership subscribers will be able to extort the business owner in Extortion Run twice for the price of one.
You will receive a notification when the event starts. Click on "Extort Now" to start extorting.Alternatively, you can open Extortion Run directly by clicking on "Extortion" on the Home Page.


The “Extort” button will be available to Extort twice while the event is ON.