Saturday, May 30, 2015

NEW Lucky Break

Collect Cards and vault them to earn fabulous rewards

  • Lucky Break is a limited time event in which you collect and vault sets of Cards to earn fabulous rewards daily.
  • The Bronze set requires you to collect 1 Card, the Silver set, two Cards and the Gold set, three Cards. The requirement for the next vault will increase as you vault each successive Collection.
  • Vaulting each set of Cards will earn you corresponding rewards. Each set of Cards can be vaulted up to 5 times a day.
  • When you vault a set of Cards, the Cards of that particular set will be randomly shuffled.
  • Click on 'Reveal' to collect your Lucky Card for the day. Once revealed, you will own 21 Cards to start with.
  • Click on 'Share' to send your Card to friends and receive theirs in return.You can post a Feed every 2 hours asking for Cards. Each Feed will expire after 5 Friends access the Feed.
  • Collect up to 60 Cards by clicking on your Friends' Feeds and up to 10 cards from your Friends' Brag Feeds.
  • You can also collect Cards by spinning the slot for 2 Reward Points.
  • The Card Counter, Lucky Card, collection requirements and rewards will reset at the 00:00 PDT daily.
  • The event will run for 5 days and will end on 6/3/2015 23:59:59 PDT.