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Updated: Mexico - FAQ


Cross over for the perfect getaway and go beyond redemption in Mafia Wars’ hottest expansion yet – Mexico!

Q: When will the new location be available?
Mafia Wars - Mexico will be available to all players at Level 25 and above starting May 8th 2014.
Q: Do I get any Free Gifts when I start Mexico? 
Yes, we’re giving away 100 Pesos (Currency of Mafia Wars - Mexico) to help you go beyond redemption in Mexico. Remember, Energy is precious and Pesos are scarce.

Q: Unbound and Unrepentant quest has disappeared - I have been working on it. When will I receive the rewards I am eligible for?
: Rewards for Unbound and Unrepentant Event will be credited to your inventory as soon as you enter the new location - Mexico. 

The rewards will be based on the tier of Mastery completed for Unbound and Unrepentant as shown below.
You will receive the relevant rewards based on the number of Pesomystics and Crew-D Gestures collected by you.
In addition to the Mastery Rewards listed below, you will also receive 100 Pesos as an incentive to start exploring Mexico.

Q: I haven’t completed any level of Mastery in Unbound and Unrepentant quest. Will I still receive 100 Pesos when I start playing Mexico?
: Yes, you will still receive 100 Pesos.
Q: How many new Districts are available in Mexico?
Currently, there are 5 Districts available in Mexico:
  • District 1 – Tijuana
  • District 2 – Matamoros
  • District 3 – Chihuahua
  • District 4 - Alamos New
  • District 5 - Guadalajara New
All the districts can be completed by doing jobs which consume your energy.  There are 4 Tiers to be mastered for each of the Districts – Bronze, Silver, Gold and Ruby.
You won’t see any Bandits in Mexico!

Q: How do I navigate through the new Map interface of Mexico? 
: Using the Mexico map interface, you will be able to navigate through the available Districts, Jobs and Properties.
Please click on available District icons to access available jobs. Clicking on any active District will directly take you to the available jobs.

District Mastery progress is indicated within the District icon.
You can directly collect from a City Property from the Map.

You can also visit the City Properties page to collect or Build from your properties:

Q: How many Properties are currently available in Mexico?
Currently, there are two properties available in Mexico – Hacienda and Pasaporte Office. Mastering the first job in Tijuana and Chihuahua Districts will unlock them respectively.  
Each Property gives you valuable resources to expand your domain and be a law unto yourself.
·      Your Hacienda provides Pesos.
Your Pasaporte Office allows you to craft Consumable Loot.
Q: Are there any Bonus Districts in Mexico? 
No, currently there are no Bonus Districts in Mexico.
Q: Is there a way I can switch from the Map interface to the user interface similar to other locations in Mafia Wars?
No, at the moment, you cannot change or switch the user interface.

Q: Who are the Bosses of Mexico and how do I defeat them?
Every District in Mexico is ruled by its respective Boss. As you progress through a District, the Boss will appear from time to time and challenge you, demanding a cut for operating in their territory.
The following Bosses rule the current Districts of Mexico:

When the Boss appears, the Energy and Pesos required for doing Jobs will increase and the pay-out of XP (and Pesos, if available) will decrease. You can either Fight or Bribe the Boss to end the shakedown and win that Round.
When the Boss appears, you will be notified through a splash screen:

When you click on Fight, the Boss Fight screen will open where you can attack the Boss and defeat them.

You can attack the Bosses with Stamina or brand new Ammo that will drop from Jobs, Fights and Robbing in Mexico, from Gifting and the Arena.

Desperado: Do jobs in Mexico to loot Desperado – Daily Limit - 30
Mexicali Machete: Ice opponents to earn one Mexicali Machete per ice (2 for kills) – Daily Limit - 30
Wrenched Apart: Clear Robbing Boards to earn Wrenched Apart or receive them as a Gift from your Friends. Combined Daily Limit – 30
Piped Power: Deal damage to opponents in the Arena to loot Piped Power. Daily Limit - 30
*Your Inventory can only hold up to 50 Ammo of each type. Which means you can no longer loot any more of these ammos if you already reached the limit.
Please note that all daily limit timers reset at 11:59 PM PST (GMT - 8) every day.
You can use the ammo items that you have collected to attack the Boss or you can attack directly using the stamina attack button located directly under the ammo items on the Boss Fight Screen.

Q:  What is the difference between attacking the Boss with consumables and attacking him with my stamina?
A Stamina attack uses up your Stamina and the base damage you do is based upon your attack strength. Ammunition does not use Stamina and they do a variable amount of damage (range based) to the Boss per attack.
Q: Will I be able to continue doing jobs in Mexico even if the Boss is active? 
 Yes, you will still be able to do jobs in Mexico while the Boss is active.
However, the Boss will hold his cut of XP and Pesos from the jobs you do. This will be indicated in the game as shown below.
You will receive the held amount back to your account provided that you defeat the Boss within the time frame they are active.

Q: What will happen if I am unable to defeat the Boss before the timer runs out? 
 If you are unable to defeat the Boss (in other words, bring the Boss’ Health down to 0) before the timer runs out, the XP and Pesos held by them will be forfeited.
The Boss will regenerate up to 20% of their remaining Health by the next encounter. However, Boss’ health will never reach beyond their Max Health.
For example: The Boss’ total health was 4000. You managed to reduce it to 1000 and the timer ran out. In the next encounter, the Boss’ new health will be 1200 (1000+20%).

Q: What is Diablo Mode? What are the Rewards to defeat the Boss? 
 Once you successfully defeat a Boss, you will receive any cut held by Boss back to your accounts. In addition, you will receive Rewards for defeating the Boss.
Once the Boss is defeated, Diablo Mode will be active for the next 15 minutes or 25 Jobs, whichever is earlier.

You will be notified in the game once Diablo Mode is active:

A notification icon in the Job section will notify you about the total Bonuses gained and Time/Number of jobs left in Diablo Mode.

Within 15 minutes of activation of Diablo Mode OR 25 Jobs after activation (whichever is earlier), the Diablo Mode will be deactivated again. You will be notified through an in-game notification about the total Bonuses earned from the Diablo Mode.

Q: How do I activate Diablo Mode again?
Diablo Mode gets activated only after defeating the Mexico District Bosses in a round. Wait for the Boss to appear again and defeat them to activate Diablo Mode.
Q: How many times can a District Boss be defeated (or Killed)? Are there any Mastery Rewards?
You can defeat each District Boss up to a maximum of 15 times. Once you defeat a Boss for the 15th time, you will be able to recruit them as your Henchman.

Following are the Henchmen for the current Mexico Districts. Defeat the respective Boss 15 times to recruit them as your Henchman:

Once you have defeated a Boss 15 times, they will show as recruited on your District and will not appear again in between doing jobs.

Q: How does the Banco Dorado work in Mexico?
The Banco Dorado is the Bank of Mexico and needs to be upgraded in order to deposit more Pesos. It has 5 upgradable levels with a minimum capacity to store 1,000 Pesos and a maximum capacity to store 1,000,000 Pesos.
The Banco Dorado can be upgraded using a total of five parts out of which one part (Vault Door) can only be earned by mastering any Mexico District to any level. For Mastering a District to each level (Bronze, Silver, Gold or Ruby), you will receive one Vault Door.

The other 4 parts can be collected from Feeds or can be purchased using Reward Points. You can post a Feed for a specific Bank part every 18 hours and can receive a maximum of 4 parts per Feed Post.

Below are the various levels and respective max capacities of Banco Dorado:

Please Note: As we roll out more Districts, you will have more Vault Doors to upgrade the Bank all the way up to Level 5.

Q: What are the Mastery Rewards for Mexico Districts?
You will receive a Bronze Mastery item for completing first Tier in Each District.
Stats of this item will be upgraded, as you progress towards higher Mastery Levels (Up to Ruby Mastery)
District 1 – Tijuana
Bronze Mastery –Family Matar (315/255)
Silver Mastery - Family Matar  (335/265)
Gold Mastery - Family Matar  (355/275)
Ruby Mastery - Family Matar  (375/290)
District 2 – Matamoros

Bronze Mastery – Malvado Eye (260/320)
Silver Mastery – Malvado Eye (270/340)
Gold Mastery – Malvado Eye (280/365)
Ruby Mastery – Malvado Eye (290/390)
District 3 – Chihuahua

Bronze Mastery – Flying Mule (324/265)
Silver Mastery – Flying Mule (344/275)
Gold Mastery – Flying Mule (374/295)
Ruby Mastery – Flying Mule (394/295)
District 4 – Alamos

Bronze Mastery – Mexican Grey Wolf (270/329)
Silver Mastery – Mexican Grey Wolf (280/349)

Gold Mastery – Mexican Grey Wolf (290/379)
Ruby Mastery – Mexican Grey Wolf (300/399)

District 5 – Guadalajara

Bronze Mastery – Veloci-dad (330/271)
Silver Mastery – Veloci-dad (350/281)
Gold Mastery – Veloci-dad (380/291)
Ruby Mastery – Veloci-dad (400/301)
Q: What is the use of a Crew in Mexico?
Recruit your Mafia to earn special bonuses and to help you do jobs, fights, robbing, and collect from properties with more force. Each category has 2 separate roles that can be filled once every 8 hours.  The objective is to activate all 8 roles to earn bonuses and protection. 

All available Friends remain in Queue until they are activated into Category Roles. All the Bonuses/Protection will be rewarded at time of activation of Crew. Your Friends must accept Mexico Crew requests to be added to open queue spots and once the crew request is accepted, both of you will become part of each other’s crew. 

Crew Roles:
 - Helps you get twice the Job Mastery for the next 20 jobs you do.
Lockpick - Helps you get twice the loot for the next 20 jobs you do.
Mercenary - Next 50 fights won’t cost any stamina thanks to your Mercenary.
Marksman - Your Marksman doubles your Attack power for next 50 fights.
Scout - Triples the rewards at the cost of double stamina for your first 3 robbing boards.
Arsonist - Guaranteed success robbing your first 3 properties for your first 3 robbing boards.
Taskmaster - Collect twice the amount from all your Mexico properties with a taskmaster.
Guardian - Protects you from being robbed in Mexico for the next 18 hours.
Q: What are the different collections in Mexico?
A: As of now, there are 3 different collections in Mexico: 

Filthy Rich Collection
Bandolier Collection
Desert Green Collection

Q: How do I Vault a collection? What are the rewards?
A: You can vault various collection items dropped in Mexico for exclusive bonus. 
To be able to Vault, you need to collect all of the items required to complete the collection. Once you have collected all the required items, click on the Vault Collection button to gain the associated bonus.

Bonus for collections:
Filthy Rich Collection => Vault to get 30 Energy
Bandolier Collection => Vault to get 30 Stamina
Desert Green Collection =>Vault to get 35 Health
Mass Destruction Collection =>Vault to get 35 AttackDissection Collection =>Vault to get 35 Defense

Q: Can I Re-Vault the Mexico collections?
A: No, you cannot re-vault the Mexico Collections.
Q: What are the different achievements in Mexico?
There are 14 achievements in Mexico. You can view the status and progress of your achievements by clicking on Profile > Achievements

Mexico Achievements
Very Pesos-Tant
Earned by having 1 million Pesos in the bank in Mexico
Crew-Al Intention
Earned by acquiring a total of 200 Crew in Mexico
Earned by winning 10000 Fights in Mexico

Rabado Blind
Earned by robbing 5000 times in Mexico
Oro Digger
Earned by completing the Ruby level Mastery of District 1 in Mexico
Frontera Crosser
Earned by completing the Ruby level Mastery of District 2 in Mexico
Desierto Sting
Earned by completing the Ruby level Mastery of District 3 in Mexico
Ariba-Ariba! Bronze
Earned by completing the Bronze level Mastery of Districts 1-3 in Mexico
Ariba-Ariba! Silver
Earned by completing the Silver level Mastery of Districts 1-3 in Mexico
Ariba-Ariba! Gold
Earned by completing the Gold level Mastery of Districts 1-3 in Mexico
Ariba-Ariba! Ruby
Earned by completing the Ruby level Mastery of Districts 1-3 in Mexico
Viva Vidal
Earned by recruiting Vidal Salazar in District 1 of Mexico
Armado Armando
Earned by recruiting Armando Almonte in District 2 of Mexico
Igon Eliminatoria
Earned by recruiting Igon Reyes in District 3 of Mexico
Earned by completing the Ruby level Mastery of District 4 in Mexico
Earned by completing the Ruby level Mastery of District 5 in Mexico
Guerilla Guerrero
Earned by recruiting Ricardo Guerrero in District 4 of Mexico
Igon Eliminatoria
Earned by recruiting Sergio Chapa in District 5 of Mexico

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