Tuesday, June 24, 2014

Family Kill-Fest - FAQs

Head to the Arena and unleash your Killer Instinct in Family Kill-Fest now!

Q: What is Family Kill-Fest and what are Kill Shots?
 Family Kill-Fest is a new, limited-time Arena event where you can earn Crests as a Family by scoring Kill Shots. Kill Shots  can be earned by bringing down an opponent’s Arena Health to zero.
Q: When will the event start?
 This limited time event will start on June 24 2014 06:00 PDT and will end at 23:59 on July 2nd 2014.
Q: How do I start?
 You need to be a part of a Family in Mafia Wars to participate in this event. If you aren't a part of any Mafia Wars Family already, you can join one during the event.

If you are a part of any Mafia Wars Family, click on “Enter the Arena” button on the Home Page module to start the event.

Q: How many Crests can I earn for my Family for every Kill Shot? 
 The number of Crests rewarded for a Kill Shot depends on various targets.
There are a number of ways you can earn Crests and contribute to your Family in the event. Achieving some targets will give you an opportunity to earn more Crests.
Below are the various targets available:
Reward (Crests)
Shootout Kill
2 Kill Shots in a Shootout Arena
Fury Kill
2 Kill Shots in a Mob Fury Arena
A Kill Shot against the Leader
First Blood
First Kill Shot in an Arena
Over-Kill (Shootout)
Kill Shot against all opponents in a Shootout Arena.*
Over-Kill (Mob Fury)
Kill Shot against all opponents in a Mob Fury Arena.*
Kamikaze Kill
Kill Shot using a Kamikaze Power-up

* Please note: Crests for the Over-Kill Target will be rewarded only once in a single Arena.
You will be notified in-game every time you earn a Kill Shot:

Q: Can I earn Crests by achieving Targets in Private Arenas or Rematches? 
 No, Crests will not be awarded for Private Arenas and Rematches.
Q: Will I earn the Crests based on the Arena Standing for Family Kill-Fest? 
 No, the only way to earn Crests in Family Kill-Fest is through earning Kill Shots.
Q: How do I minimize the notifications window? 
At the start of the Arena, you will see a notification window, which will display the status of Kill Shots earned by all players in that particular Arena.

Q: How can I view the amount of Kill Shots and Crests earned in an Arena?
 The amount of Kill Shots earned in a particular Arena can be viewed here:

You can view the Target-wise details of Crests earned in a particular Arena on the results screen as shown below:

Total Crests earned in Family Kill-Fest can be viewed from the Arena Lobby or through the Home Page Module:

Click here on the Home Page module to view the overall status of Crests earned by you and your Family:

You will be able to view the details of Crests earned in Family Kill-Fest so far:

Q: What are the various Mastery Levels and Rewards? 
There are 4 Levels of Mastery for Families earning Crests with a Grand Reward of Pro Wakeboarder (238/320) at the Ruby Level (25,000 Crests collected by a Family).

Below are the various Mastery Levels:

Q: What if I change my Family in between the event? Will the total Crests earned by me be transferred to the new Family's score?
No, if you switch to another Family in between the event, the Crests earned by you for a particular Family will remain with them and will not be transferred to the new Family.
Q: Where can I view the Leader board? Are there any rewards for scoring a position on the Top Leader Board? 
Visit the Arena Lobby to view the Leader board for Family Kill-Fest. 
If your Family places among the top 10 on the Leaderboard, all Family members will earn up to 100 Reward Points (1st Position).