Monday, June 23, 2014

Issues or lousy job (Buzz Craft & Mexico)


Buzz Craft and Silent Silver for build or upgrade! Only those two messages I saw and get in this part of the game. I must admit that image with message: "Sorry, this request has expired/is invalid." I got yesterday, so there is a chance that this is fixed (2nd image). But the other one with "maxed" message (3rd image) is in the game still, that is for sure. Is this an issue or lousy job? 
Second! Win Boss in Mexico has option for share and continue. Point in share button? Well that share button is not working anyway so was there any purpose for putting it there?
And finally Mexico - district mastery, again share and continue button. That button was working on first 3 districts in Mexico. He is here and now, but without function, except continue. Confusing players and giving them something more for criticizing the  game and you Zynga. So, if you release something in the game, do not do this first day - check the game million times if necessary , but release it without bugs, issues and pointless options; 3,4 or even 10 days later. This is my opinion only.

 this one may be fixed
 this one is in the game still

SHARE AND CONTINUE in Win Boss in Mexico, district 4 and 5. - pointless share option

SHARE AND CONTINUE in Mexico District Mastery -in districts 4 and 5.
In first 3 Districts that Share option was working.
Issue, lousy job, or mistake?