Friday, February 21, 2014

VIP Membership Emerald Benefits

Hi Mobsters,
We are glad to announce the next level of VIP Membership Benefits – the Emerald Level Benefits.
Emerald level benefits will be available from the 25th month of continuous subscription of your Mafia Wars VIP Membership. It is the highest VIP membership level available at the moment and hosts a ton of new benefits.
As an Emerald level VIP Member, you will enjoy:
• All Titanium Benefits

• One free Harbinger of Retribution (550 Attack, 550 Defense)*
    - *Stats of this item will increase every week

• +250 Attack Skill, +250 Defense Skill Points added to your account, as long as you stay subscribed. This will result in a total of additional +900 personal Attack and +900 Defense Skill Points added to your profile. Please note that the stats from VIP Membership are shown in brackets on your profile page.
• +5000 Attack, +5000 Defense added to your Mafia Strength, resulting in a total addition of +16,500 Mafia Attack and +16,500 Defense strength.

• Ability to purchase a pack of 50 Attack/Defense/Energy/Stamina Points for 50 RPs once every week.
    - One  deal of 50 Attack/Defense/Energy OR Stamina Points will be offered to you every week, which you will be able to buy for 50 Reward Points.

• Additional grant of 50 Reward Points upon every successful renewal.
    - With every successful renewal of VIP Membership, you will be granted 50 Reward Points.

• 30% discount on Energy Refills purchased in the Marketplace

• Collect two free Kamikaze Power-Ups from the Arena every day

• Ability to purchase a maximum of four additional Harbingers of Retribution (550 Attack, 550 Defense)

• Additional Job Mastery per click across all the Jobs o Earn bonus mastery on every click for doing Jobs.

Thank you for being a loyal Mafia Wars player!

-The Mafia Wars Team