Tuesday, February 25, 2014

New Arena Power Up - Dominade

Massacre your opponents in one strike with a 6th Power Up!
Fight in the Shootout Arena and get 5 Dominades free.

  • Dominade can be used only in the Shootout Arena.
  • The Dominade Power Up deals Damage to a maximum of 5 opponents with a single strike.
  • The number of opponents Dominade will affect, depends on your current Stamina.
  • The Power Up will deal maximum Damage to the first opponent clicked and reduced Damage to the other opponents.
  • The amount of Damage dealt is proportional to the current Stamina of each opponent affected.
  • To activate, select the Power Up and click on an opponent.
  • Once used, this Power Up can be reactivated again after 15 seconds.
  • This Power Up cannot be combined with the Kamikaze or Drained.