Wednesday, February 19, 2014

Lords of Lesotho - FAQ


Conquer Lesotho by defeating all the 5 Lords of Lesotho !
Please note that this feature will be on a slow roll out to ensure system stability.
Q: What is Lords of Lesotho?
 Lords of Lesotho is a limited time event where you need to defeat 5 powerful Mafia bosses who have captured Lesotho and established an illegal syndicate.
It is not going to be an easy ride in Lesotho but generous rewards await you if you successfully defeat the bosses. You will be fighting against:
Mick Gouda – The Lord of Quthing
Donald Harper – The Lord of Mafeteng
Mimi LaNoir – The Lord of Maseru
Ivankov Dimitrovich – The Lord of Mokhotlong
Daniela Veilmond – The Lord of Thaba-Tseka
Q: When will the event start?
This limited time event will be rolled out to our players by 00:01 AM PST (GMT – 8) on Feb 19th 2014 to 11:59 PM PST (GMT-8) on March 1st 2014.
Q: How do I start?
Lords of Lesotho will be available from the Home Page module, the South Africa map and the Fight page.
To start, click on the “Go Fight” button on the Home Page Module or click on the Lesotho area in South Africa map.



Once you enter Lesotho, the active boss and his/her territory will be highlighted. You need to defeat the active boss in order to unlock the next territory. 
Please note that you will only be able to attack the Active boss in the current Mastery Level.
Once you defeat all the 5 bosses in Lesotho, you will earn a Mastery Level in Lords of Lesotho. You can also view your progress on the Home Page Module.

Q: What are the Rewards? How does the event mastery work?
Once you defeat a boss, you will receive rewards in the form of Skill Points or Reward Points depending on the boss you defeated and your current mastery level.
A level of Mastery is earned after you defeat all the 5 bosses in Lords of Lesotho. There are 4 levels of Mastery – Bronze, Silver, Gold and Ruby.
Below are the various rewards you can earn by defeating the bosses in Lords of Lesotho based on your mastery level:

Once you complete a mastery level for Lords of Lesotho, you will be rewarded with a mastery reward item – Firelord.
You will earn a new reward item for each mastery level and will be able to retain all the Mastery reward items earned.
Below are the stats for various Mastery Levels:

Once you have completed the Ruby Mastery for a boss, they will be eliminated and you will capture their territory in Lesotho.

Q:  How do I conquer Lesotho? 
  Capture all territories at Ruby Level by taking down the respective bosses to conquer Lesotho and achieve the Ruby mastery reward.
Q: How do I attack the bosses? Is there new ammunition available?
 You will need brand new ammo to fight the bosses in Lords of Lesotho. Below is the list of ammo available:

Bottled Heat – Clear Robbing Boards to earn 2 Bottled Heat per robbing board. Daily Limit – 30 
Hawkhack – Deal damage to opponents in the Arena to loot Hawkhack. Daily Limit – 30
Wrench Quake – Do jobs in South Africa to loot Wrench Quake. Daily Limit – 30
Mega Slayer – Ice opponents to earn one Mega Slayer per ice (2 for kills). Daily Limit – 30
Please note that all daily limit timers reset at 11:59 PM PST (GMT - 8) every day.

You can use the ammo items that you have collected to attack the boss or you can attack directly using the stamina attack button located directly under the ammo items on the boss fight screen.

The boss is fairly intelligent and is able to adjust his/her health and defense depending on the strength of the opponent. Depending upon the strength of the boss, the stamina required per click to deal damage to the boss will vary for individual accounts.

Q:  What is the difference between attacking the boss with consumables and attacking him with my stamina?
A:  A Stamina attack use up your Stamina and the base damage you do is based upon your attack strength.  Ammunition items do not use Stamina and they do a variable amount of damage (range based) to the boss per attack.
Q: Are there special combos to deliver an extra punch?
A: Yes! There are a total of three combos that can be used to deal incrementally more damage to the bosses. You must use the correct order of four the ammunition items in a row to unlock four move special combos. These combos can also be unlocked using Reward Points.  

The Green combo: Unlocked at all levels.
The Yellow combo: Unlocked automatically for each boss, after you have reduced 50% of the boss' Health in the Gold level.
The Red combo: Unlocked automatically for each boss, after you have reduced 50% of the boss' Health in the Ruby level.

There are different Yellow and Red combos when you fight a boss. That means the Yellow and Red combo that works for you may not be the same for your friends.
Q: I am able to access Lesotho after achieving Ruby Mastery in Lords of Lesotho. Can I restart the event?
A: Lesotho will remain open even until the limited time event ends but you will be unable to reset and re-start the event after achieving Ruby Mastery.