Sunday, November 17, 2013

Slaughter Season - FAQs

Ice opponents on the fight list to earn Pennants and score Reputation Badges to win cool rewards.

Q: What is Slaughter Season?
Slaughter Season is a type of Ice Season in which you need to earn Pennants by Icing opponents to build your reputation and score Reputation Badges. 
Reputation Badges
The Reputation Badges in Slaughter Season are similar to the Ice Seasons. Ice opponents on Fight List to earn Pennants and build your reputation each week.
There are five mastery tiers (Bronze, Silver, Gold, Ruby, and Diamond) and each have five levels and thus a total of 25 badges.
At the end of each season, your badge ranking will be determined by the number of Pennants you earned for that week.
Q: What are Pennants? How do I earn them? 
Pennants can be earned through icing opponents in any City and are required to earn Reputation Badges.
This is different from the normal Ice Season where Ices are directly counted for the progress and earning of Reputation Badges.

In order to earn Pennants, find and Ice opponents on the Fight List.

Once you successfully Ice an opponent, please click on the close button to view the Pennants earned from that particular fight.

Q: How many Pennants can I earn for Icing each opponents? 
As you may notice, the Fight List now shows you the difficulty Level of the opponents.
The Number of Pennants you can earn by Icing an opponent depends on their difficulty level.
Below are the numbers of Pennants you can earn through the various difficulty levels of the opponents:
·         Earn 1 Pennant per Ice by Icing an Easy opponent 
·         Earn 2 Pennants per Ice by Icing a Medium opponent 
·         Earn 3 Pennants per Ice by Icing a Hard opponent 
·         Earn 1 Pennant per Ice by Icing a Miniboss

Q: Would the Ices earned in the Arena help me earn Pennants?
A: No. The Ices earned through the Arena will not be counted for earning Pennants in the Slaughter Season.
Q: Is there any change in the way Reputation Badges and Rewards work? 
The Reputation Badges and Rewards will continue to work similar to the Ice Seasons. Mastery Tier items will automatically drop in fights when you earn enough Pennants.
The more Pennants you have, the higher your reputation will be. There are 25 Reputation Badges starting from Bronze to Diamond
You will receive a Grand Prize at the end of each season depending upon the total Pennants earned during the season.

Below are the various Tier Rewards: