Tuesday, November 19, 2013

Gifting, Mission Crew, Sending Boosts....- NOT WORKING! FIX PLEASE!

This is awesome!
I can't believe that you ZYNGA have no idea what is going on in this game.
Reporting this? 
Mostly, players cant get help, because your doors are closed for most of them.Those option you offer to players, are USELESS.

Listen to your players Zynga - fix that what is not working in this game!!!!

THIS IS WHAT IS NOT WORKING IN THE GAME (for lot of players at this moment) - AT ALL.
Wherever you have to insert name or name should be offered there is no option to insert or list of names is empty.

Sent to and receive free gifts from your mafia -----> CAN'T

MISSIONS - Asking for Mission Crew -----> CAN'T


Slaughter Season - Send Free Mystery Boost ----> CAN'T

Sending city crew requests ----> CAN'T