Friday, November 22, 2013

Family Business - FAQ


Q: What is Family Business?
A: Family Business is a grand limited-time Mission where a Family collectively contributes to common goals. Your Family need to complete a total of 10 Tiers in 2 paths (Might Path and Muscle Path) to complete the Family Business. There are Rewards associated with each Tier and tasks within them.
Q: How do I access Family Business? Why am I unable to see the feature on my account?
Family Business can be accessed through the Mission Bar OR the Home Page Module.

Please note that Family Business will be unavailable on your account if any ONE of the following conditions is true:
·         You are not a part of any Family in Mafia Wars.
·         You have recently changed your Family (within the last 24 hours of the Feature release which is 10:30 AM on Nov 21st 2013).
·         You switched to a different Family after the Feature was rolled out – You will be unable to contribute to tasks if you switch to a different Family while the Family Business event is ON.
Q: How do I play? What are the Rewards?
Family Business is for Family members to get together and complete various Tiers of Family Business to earn great rewards.
The Family Business has 2 parts Might Path and the Muscle Path

Contribute to your Family Business by doing tasks in either one or both paths. Each path has 5 Tiers and the Rewards differ depending on the Tiers.
In order to unlock the next Tier in a particular path, you must complete and collect rewards from the previous Tier in the same path.

Please note that the Tasks and respective Rewards will differ depending on the size of your Family. Larger Families will see challenging tasks and better Rewards.
Example: Might Path – Tier 1
There are 3 Types of rewards for Family Business:
·         Task Rewards (Family XP)
·         Tier Rewards (Both Might Path and Muscle Path)
·         Grand Reward
Task Rewards:
Once your Family completes a task within a Tier of any Path, the Family will receive Family XP. The Family XP pay-out will differ depending on the size of your Family. 

Individual Tier Rewards:
Rewards for an active Tier will be displayed on the right side of the screen.
Apart from an Item reward, the rewards include Arena Power-Ups, Skill Points or Reward Points, or a combination of the three after each tier is complete.
Once your Family completes ALL the tasks within a Tier, all Family members will be able to collect individual Tier Rewards.

The Rewards (which are displayed on the right of the screen) will change according to the currently activeTiers in respective Paths.

Grand Reward

Once your Family completes all 10 Tiers of Family Business (Which are - 5 Might Path Tiers + 5 Muscle Path Tiers), your Family will receive additional Family XP (depending upon the Level of your Family) and all Family members will be eligible to collect 1 Ruffed Lemur(288/210) and 5 Reward Points.

Q: How will the earned Family XP be distributed to the Family Progression? 
The Family XP earned will be equally distributed to the progression of Ices/Arena Damage, Jobs, Property and Helper.
For example: If your Family earns 1000 Family XP from a Task or the Grand Reward, it will be divided equally (250 XP each) to the progression of Ices/Arena Damage, Jobs, Property and Helper.
Q: Will every Family member be eligible for the Tier Rewards irrespective of their contribution to the tasks in that particular Tier?
Yes, every Family member will be eligible to collect individual Tier Rewards irrespective of their contribution to tasks in that particular Tier.
If a Family member does not contribute to the tasks of a particular Tier and the rest of the Family members manage to complete the Tier, they will still see a “Collect” button to collect the individual rewards for that Tier.

Q: What happens if I switch to a different Family while the Family Business is running?
If you switch to a different Family, the Family Business feature will disappear from your account and you will no longer be eligible to contribute to tasks or collect Rewards.

Q: What are Kin Points and where can I check them? Are there any rewards associated with Kin Points?
When you contribute to tasks in Family Business, you will earn Kin Points. Each contribution will reward you with one Kin Point.

To view the total Kin Points earned, please refer to the Family Business Leaderboard next to the Progress tab.
The Family Business Leaderboard will show the total Kin Points earned by your Family members.
Please note that there are no separate rewards associated with Kin Points and your position on theLeaderboard.

Q: Why were Kin Point not rewarded to me after a task was completed?
Each Family sees a shared progression against each task. There might be a situation where two Family members are contributing for the same task at the same time. In these cases, Kin Points will be rewarded to the Family member who finishes the task first.