Tuesday, September 25, 2012

Welcome Reward: Bunch of Prison Keys

To welcome you back, we are giving you Bunch of Prison Keys (x10)

User-added image

Please note: If you haven't received a Game Request for this item, please Click here to fill our survey and provide your UID to let our team know.

Please note that there is no need to submit a support request for this item as Customer Service agents will not be able to make any adjustments or credits to your account for this item.

You can use these consumables to craft items in Jailbreaker

If you have not already added the Bunch of Prison Keys to your inventory, you can locate and add it by following the instructions provided below.

1.  Click  HERE to open the Facebook Game Request Page

2.  Scroll down and locate the announcement from Mafia Wars about the Mystery Gift and click 'Accept'.

User-added image

3.  After you have clicked the accept button you will be taken back to the game and will receive the following pop-up:

User-added image

4.  To find the item in your game, please click on the Inventory tab and select Items

User-added image

5. Click on Items > Filter and type the item name "Bunch of Prison Keys" to look up for the item

User-added image

6. In the results, you will see the updated number of Bunch of Prison Keys (adding 10 items for the Welcome Reward):

User-added image

You can use the Bunch of Prison Keys in the Jailbreaker event to craft cool items.

Please click HERE for FAQs on Jailbreaker event.