Tuesday, February 28, 2012

Special Mission Event: Insurrection In Italy

All mission pictures will be on this blog soon
Insurrection in ItalyMobsters,
The tables have turned yet again for the Italian mafia bosses. Although heavily protected, the latest reports claim that the prominent members of the mob families were found dead. Italy witnesses collateral damages of these violent crimes with skyrocketing death tolls. The crime scenes reek of the Neo-Imperium.  The police are helpless to intervene ...
Beat them at their own game by completing the missionInsurrection in Italy before it closes at 9:30 PM (Pacific Time) on 6th March, 2012 to earn an exclusive new loot item, Kingfisher (115/60). In addition, you’ll receive 5x Job Mastery and a grand prize, Mafioso (171/105).
Rush to Italy and get your revenge NOW before the city locks down!
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-The Mafia Wars Team