Tuesday, February 28, 2012

Italy Closing FAQ – Insurrection in Italy

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Q: Why is Italy closing?
A: 'The tables have turned yet again for the Italian mafia bosses. Although heavily protected, the latest reports claim that the prominent members of the mob families were found dead. Italy witnesses collateral damages of these violent crimes with skyrocketing death tolls. The crime scenes reek of the Neo-Imperium.  The police are helpless to intervene ...’

Q: When will this happen? 
A: Italy will be closing on March 6th 2012.

Q: What exactly does the closing of Italy mean? 
A: Italy will no longer be accessible after 9:30 PM (Pacific Time) on March 6th 2012.
Although you will still be able to see in on the Travel menu, it will be grayed out and travel there will not be possible.
Aside from travel to the city, this also means that you will not be able to collect from Italy properties (My Village) or access the city's bank.
In addition to this, you will not be able to vault or re-vault any of the Italy collections after the city has closed.

Q: Is the closing of Italy going to be permanent?
A: Italy will remain closed for the foreseeable future.

Q: I got a pop-up with news about Insurrection in Italy. When will the mission event begin?
A: The Insurrection in Italy Mission Event is scheduled to be released at 9:30 PM (Pacific Time) on February 27th 2012.
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Q: How much time do I have to complete the Mission Event before Italy closes? 
A: You will have 8 days from Feb 27th to finish the mission and to collect as much loot as possible before Italy closes.

Q: What does the Mission Event entail? 
A: During the event you will receive 5X mastery for finishing jobs in Italy. In additional to the regular loot drops for the city you will also have the chance to loot a new and rare Animal bonus item.
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Q: What is the bonus item that can be looted with this event? 
A: The additional bonus item called the 'Kingfisher' will drop from Italy fights and jobs. It has attack strength of 115 and defense strength of 60.
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Q: Will there be a mastery item that is awarded if I complete Mission Event:Insurrection in Italy?
A: Yes, if you complete this Mission Event successfully, you will be rewarded with the Vehicle Item “Mafioso”. Mafioso has Attack strength of 171, and Defense strength of 105. In addition, you will receive Mastery Items for mastering each tier of the Mission Event.
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Q: Will I need to collect any special items in order to complete the Mission Event? 
A: Yes, in order to complete the event you will need to collect ‘Supersonic Wave Blaster’. This item will be available through Feeds to help you complete the Mission Event.

Q: What if I have finished Italy already? 
A: You can still do jobs and complete Mission event – Insurrection in Italy. Completing the Mission Event will award you with Mafioso (171/105) and doing more jobs will increase your chances to get the rare loot item – Kingfisher.

Q: What if I haven’t finished Italy yet? 
A: If you haven’t finished Italy yet, you will receive 5x Mastery on all un-mastered jobs. Each mastered jobs rewards you with a skill point, so this is a chance to collect some skill points faster. Doing more jobs will also increase your chances to get the rare loot item – Kingfisher.  
If you haven't vaulted the Italy collections yet, you can do so while Italy is still available, but not after it has closed.

Completing the Mission Event : Insurrection in Italy will award you with Mafioso (171/105) and Mastery Items for mastering each tier of the mission event.

Q: What will happen to my progress in Italy, if I do not finish in time? 
A: All progress made by you will be saved, but you will not be able to access the city after 9:30 PM (Pacific Time) on March 6th 2012.