Wednesday, November 25, 2009

Top Mafia - Adds, Invites, Tips, Tricks, etc


Top Mafia - Adds, Invites, Tips, Tricks, etc


Welcome to the Top Mafia fan page. We have been providing Mafia Wars related news, info, tips, tricks etc for Mafia Wars (by Zynga) since May 2009.

No SPAM Policy

We want all of our fans to grow a HUGE mafia. We also want to deliver top notch info to you. In order to do that, we request our fans DO NOT POST ADD-ME comments to content on our main wall. We have dedicated places for this and we also endorse the most effective "Mass-Add" email list for Mafia Wars (click here to see videos about this).

Donate to Top Mafia

In order to continue to deliver content on a regular basis, Top Mafia went through the effort and expense of setting up content on an external web host. This has incurred multiple costs for our admins and we are asking our fans to assist with this by your donations.

Support Donation Top Mafia "Thank You"
Gold $20 1 month listing on the "Add-Me" tab
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