Wednesday, November 25, 2009


Mafia Wars Bookmarklets

This is a collection of bookmarklets to help with the day to day gameplay in Mafia Wars.
A bookmarklet is piece of javascript code, triggered when you use the bookmark.

To install a bookmarklet:
Right click and bookmark/add to favorites or drag and drop to your bookmark toolbar.

Need help? Read the help section or ask in the board of the facebook fan page.

Make sure you don't miss out on the gift link generator. Has all giftable items and collections.

(Live) by the version number means the bookmarklet auto-updates.

Beta and testing versions of bookmarklets can be found on the testing page.
Limited support are given to these test-bookmarklets. Read the bug report section several times before asking for help.


Break out the Mafia Wars Beta iframe from Facebook, needed to make most bookmarklets work.
You can also right click the Mafia Wars content and Show only this frame in Firefox and Chrome.
Mirror of
Yevgen's script

(Yevgen's script currently does not support the beta)

Add scrolling to the unframed Mafia Wars Beta, code from Dirty Martini's Mafia Tools

Repeat Gift


Multi-Gifting now works again!
First use the
gift link generator, then this bookmarklet to repeat sending.
Configuration is inspired by
Vern's DoJob.


Now supports Facebook usernames!
If the generator asks for a secret key view your
gift page and use the bookmarklet there.


Same as above but the gifting opens up in a new window.



Show the exp to energy ratio and cash to energy ratio for jobs on the current page.
Does not work with Internet Explorer. Use
Firefox, Chrome or Opera instead.

No longer being updated, get ExpEnergy 2.0 from Yevgen Silant'yev instead.


Limited Loot buyer, use this tool to buy a number of limited loot.
Tool is based on Bobby Heartrate's Mafia Mikes autobuyer.



Keep attacking someone, with deluxe features.
* A popup will ask for how many attacks to make. All your avalible stamina already filled in.
* Default delay of 2 seconds between attacks to prevent flooding. Easily changed.
* Will give information like exp gained, money gained and more during the attack-spree.
* Visiting New York/Cuba or Moscow hospital if health drops below 30.
Default healing is in New York.
* Logging of money gained/lost aswell as damage dealt and recieved.
* Showing the summarized loot from your fighting.
* Cookies save settings between sessions.



Keep robbing someone. Similar features as AttackX.



Repeat jobs until you run out of energy.
Features Play/Pause/Stop buttons inspired by
Has a optional Pause/Continue on event feature, events being you are close to leveling, mastered job etc.
Will also give you a summarized display of all loot collected.



Repeat a job X times.
Same as RepatJob, but you enter the amount of jobs to do.
This bookmarklet will not be updated as often as RepeatJob.
Not updated for Moscow yet

Collect Boosts


Collect the special bonus boosts from all your friends.
Based on
Vern's DoJobs.

Job Helper


Check for jobs to help with, works with New York, Cuba and Moscow.
Note that New York and Cuba has a limit of 25 jobs per day, this is forced by the game.
Based on
Vern's DoJobs.

Spammer Hunt


Loads a random profile from a known spammer.
Spammers on the facebook page ends up in this list. Feel free to rob and attack them as much as you like.
The list of spammers.


Switch between Facebook and Mafia Wars profile pages.
Updated version of
Bobby Heartrate's Switch bookmarklet to support facebook usernames.



Need help figuring out who to promote?
Now also works in Cuba!
Use this bookmarklet on any of your My Mafia pages and it will add text with bonus values. The bonuses are calculated from
Taglianos charts.



Use on any mafia wars profile page, to see what Top Mafia bonuses they give.
Similar to the TopMafia bookmarklet, but this acts on profile pages.


Analyze the Player Updates window.
Very simple analyzing of the player log, will give information about won attacks and lost attacks. Aswell as money lost/gained both in New York and Cuba.
Does not work in Internet Explorer. You should be using Firefox or Chrome by now :)