Wednesday, November 25, 2009


MAFIA WARS add this to get to 10000 familia growth

This is an invite group for Mafia Wars using your status message.

Add And Invite Everyone
Or Just Leave A Comment
So Everyone Can Add You!

+++All You Must Do Is+++

1 ► CLICK "Join this Group"

2 ► CLICK on "Invite People to Join"

3 ► SELECT all of your friends!

4 ► CLICK on "Send invitation"

When you post a message for someone to join your Mafia please use your status message to recruit more friends to your Mafia (found on your mafia wars page where the Out Of Requests are). Once they accept you click on the link they post which will open your Mafia Wars page then click on the my Mafia page. You will then notice they have been added to your Mafia.

MAFIA WARS add this to get to 10000 familia growth

This way you can save your invites. Or just send them an invite.


1. Do not use this page as a mass email out page as this causes viruses. They will be deleted.

2. Members posting spam, abusive comments, wall posts, pictures or videos will be kicked and banned without notice.

3. Videos / Pictures which in someway do not regard to Mafia Wars will be removed without warning.

4. This group is open to everyone, so offending religion, race, or country will not be tolerated.