Thursday, March 24, 2016

Posts from the game on Facebook are all the same ( FB mess? )

Obviously this mess caused Facebook by changing display format of the posts from the game. 
Popup in the game is good but when it is posted on Facebook says that: I am sharing a game on Mafia Wars. ???!!! And whatever I post from the game all posts are the same. Only difference is in text I put in "say something about" option on the popup in the game. 

This is Facebook mess and no matter which browser you are using problem will be the same. And not just that it seems that this is Facebook's intended change and will be roll out to all users.

Many thanks to Mafia Wars Addon  admin who post image - reply from Mafia Wars Support. 

Advice? When you are or will be affected put comment in "say something about" option on the popup in the game, but this time sign would not be enough. Put what you are posting: lvlup, ask for help, ice.... your friends will be able to help by clicking image on the stupid FB post. Just let your friends know on what they are clicking.