Tuesday, December 22, 2015

How to Unhide FarmVille 2 posts in your News Feeds (same for Mafia Wars)

Howdy Farmers!

Changes with how users control the content of their News Feed have left many farmers at a loss in getting their hidden FarmVille 2 posts back. Here's a workaround that should help solve the problem.

1. Visit a Facebook friend's profile who plays FarmVille 2 and pick any of the available FarmVille 2 posts.

2. Click the arrow down button on the right side of the post and choose I don't like this post

3. Click on the radio button beside the option It's annoying or not interesting thenContinue.

4. A notification that you will no longer see posts from FarmVille 2 will appear. ClickUndo then Done and this should do the trick!

Thank you,

Zynga Player Support