Wednesday, December 23, 2015

Collect Stat Cards - Set 54: World View


  • Collect Stat Cards by either looting free Draws or purchasing them with Reward Points.
  • Redeem 1 Draw to get a free Stat Card.
  • Loot Draws from Jobs, Fights and Robbing until the timer expires.
  • You can loot upto 3 Draws a day. Only 1 Draw can be looted every two hours.
  • Your Inventory can hold up to 5 Draws at a time. To loot additional Draws, redeem the draws you currently hold.
  • Collect all 5 cards in a Series to earn a Mastery Card, additional Skill Points and Loot drops.
  • Complete all 5 Series to finish the Set and earn the grand reward.
  • You can continue to purchase Stat Cards when the Set is complete to improve your stats.