Wednesday, September 9, 2015

New Family Business


Mission Paths: Pick your strength.
Choose the Might Path or the Muscle Path to determine the type of tasks you would take on to progress through the Mission.
Each path has 5 tiers of tasks.
You can also progress through both paths simultaneously.
To unlock the next tier in a particular path, you must complete and collect rewards from the previous tier in the same path.
Kin Points: Know the score.
Earn Kin Points by contributing to Family Business tasks.
Track top contributing family members on the Kin Point Leaderboard.
Rewards: It's a kin-win situation.
As you progress as a Family, each family member will individually receive the reward that the Family achieves.
Earn Family XP on completing each task. The Family XP earned will be equally distributed to the progression of Ices/Arena Damage, Jobs, Property and Helper.
Earn an item reward on completing a Mission tier.
Earn Arena Power-Ups, Skill Points or RPs, or a combination of the three after each tier is complete.
You'll have 3 days after the Mission ends to collect any unclaimed tier rewards.
Complete all the tiers from both paths to win the grand Mission completion reward.
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Larger Families will take on greater goals for better rewards.
Family Rules: Get your house in order.
You will not be eligible to contribute to tasks or claim rewards if you switch families during the event.
New Family members added during the Mission event will not be eligible to participate.