Wednesday, September 16, 2015

FAQ: Family Siege - Leagues

Introducing Siege Leagues and Limited Time Seasons!  Earn Seals from successful Sieges in order for your Family to rise up in the League-based Leaderboards. Move into a higher League to earn bonus Family XP.

Participating members in the top 5 Families of the highest league at the end of every Season will earn the Grand Reward.

Q: What are Leagues?
A: Leagues are brackets within the Leaderboards for Family Siege. The Leaderboards are divided into 8 Leagues:

Your Family will be placed into a League depending on how many Seals they earn and can move up or down through the Leagues, as with a regular Leaderboard. Seals are earned through successfully sieging an enemy Family HQ. Losses will cause your Family to lose Seals.

Higher Leagues will earn your Family bonus Family XP through the first successful Attack and the first 5 successful Defenses each day.

Q: How do I move to a higher League?
A: Your Family earns Seals through successful attacks in Family Siege. The number of Seals your Family earns determines your ranking, and therefore your League. Earn more Seals to rise up within a League and your Family will automatically rank up a League when it has earned enough Seals. Your Family might also go down a League if it is Defeated in Siege.

Q: What are Seals?
A: Seals are what determines your Family’s rank within the League-based Leaderboards. The more Seals your Family has, the higher they are ranked.

Seals are earned through successful Sieges (at least a Victory in an attack) against enemy Family HQ’s, and are lost when your Family is Defeated in a Siege.

The number of Seals you can earn from winning a Siege against a particular Family can be seen in the Scout and Attack page under the enemy Family HQ.

Q: Can my Family earn/lose Seals through Defenses?
Defending or failing to Defend your Family HQ will not result in your Family winning or losing Seals. However, first 5 successful Defenses every day will still earn Family XP for your Family and moving to a higher League will provide a bonus to how much Family XP your Family members earn.

Q: Why does the number of Seals my Family can Win/Lose in a Siege differ from Family to Family?
A: The number of Seals your Family will earn from a successful Siege depends on the strength of the enemy Family HQ. If your Family successfully Sieges a stronger Family HQ, your Family will earn more Seals.

Q: Where can I see my Family’s League?
A: Your Family’s current League can be seen on the top left corner of your Family HQ page.

Where can I see the Leaderboard?
You can view the League Leaderboard and your Family’s position within it by clicking on the “Leaderboard” button:

Q: Why can’t I see my Family on the Leaderboard?
A: Every Family requires a minimum of one Seal to rank on the Leaderboard.

Please note: it may take up to 24 hours for your Family and its League to reflect on the Leaderboard for the first time.

Q: My Family is in a different League than before even though we haven’t participated in Siege recently. Why?
A: Ranking on the Leaderboard is dynamic. So if other Families play and earn or lose Seals your Family might find it changing ranks or Leagues passively as other Families rise and fall through the Leaderboard.

Q: Are there any Rewards for being in a higher League?
A: Higher Leagues will earn your Family bonus Family XP through the first successful Attack and the first 5 successful Defenses each day.

Additionally, if your Family ranks in the Top 5 Families of the highest League (Nuclear League) at the end of a Season, every participating Family member will earn a Grand Reward.

Q: What is a Season?
A: A Season is a limited time period during which Families can accumulate Seals and try to rank among the Top 5 of the highest League (the Nuclear League). You will be informed 7 days before the end of the Season. At the end of each Season, participating members of the Top 5 Families of the highest League will earn a Grand Reward.

At the end of each Season, every Family has their Seals reset to 10% of what they had at the end of the previous Season. Your Family’s League at the start of a new Season is determined by how many Seals your Family has after that. Therefore Families with more Seals who ranked higher in the Leaderboards in the previous Season will begin the new Season at a higher rank and League.

A new Season starts immediately after the last one ends.

Q: Why has the number of Seals earned by my Family reduced?
A: There are two ways in which Seals might reduce:
·         If your Family fails to successfully Siege an enemy family HQ or Forfeited Sieges, your Family will lose Seals.
·         If a new Season has begun. When a new Season of Siege begins, all Families have their Seals reset to 10% of how many they earned in the previous Season.