Friday, August 21, 2015

New Urban Assault


01LockedJobsBrazil0%Job: "Assassinate a Politician at a Museum Gala".
02LockedJobsLondon0%Job: "Write About The Mysterious Shooting"
03LockedArenaNo city0%Deal damage in Shootout Arena to loot x Silver Slugger.
04LockedJobsChicago0%Job: "Get the Respect You Deserve".
05LockedArenaNo city0%Deal x Damage in Shootout Arena
06LockedJobsLos Angeles0%Loot x Crushing Quad from Job:"Launch An Assault On The Prison".
08LockedFightLondon0%Ice x opponents in LONDON
10LockedWarLondon0%Declare a War x times.
11LockedJobsLos Angeles0%Loot x Tin Tophat from Job:"Escape With The Help Of A Few Loyal Friends".
12LockedArenaNo city0%Get x Kills in Arena.
13LockedArenaNo city0%Score x Arena Kills on the Leader in Shootout Arena.
14LockedPropertyNo city0%Build x Henchmen from your Jailhouse.
15LockedJobsMexico0%Job: "Cut Off All Ties With Your Mafia".
17LockedFightChicago0%Ice x opponents in Chicago.
18LockedJobsBrazil0%Loot x Mountain Hare from Job:"Bribe a News Network Executive".
19LockedPropertyLondon0%Collect from your Sports Stadium x times.
20LockedJobsLos Angeles0%Job: "Discover That In Flow Of Cash Has Dwindled Down".
21LockedRobbingChicago0%Rob x times in Chicago.
22ActiveArenaNo city0 of120000%Deal x Damage in Shootout Arena (Go Now)
23LockedWarLos Angeles0%Win x Wars.
24LockedJobsLos Angeles0%Job: "Find A Surprise Package On Your Doorstep".
25LockedPropertyMexico0%Collect from your Lucha-rena x times.
26LockedItemBrazil0%Acquire x Animals.
27LockedArenaNo city0%Deal x Damage in Mob Fury Arena
28LockedRobbingLondon0%Clear x Robbing Boards.
29LockedundefinedMexico0%Ask for x Purple Punch from Mafia.
30LockedArenaNo city0%Get x Arena Ices in Shootout Arena