Monday, August 17, 2015

Fight Carnage - FAQ


Unleash brutal attacks and dominate your opponents in this new event!

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Q: What is Fight Carnage?
Fight Carnage is a limited-time event in which each Attack in Fights will deal a lot more Damage and will proportionally cost more Stamina for the Damage dealt. The Stamina spent per attack will be based on your total Max Stamina.
Q: Why can't I see the feature on my account yet?
In order to maintain the stability of this feature, we are rolling it out gradually. Some of our players may not be able to see Fight Carnage on their accounts right now.
Q: Why are the Fight Crew and Fight Boosts disabled while the event is ON? How can I activate them again?
In order to balance the game-play, it is required that the Fight Crew and Boosts are disabled. They will be available once the event has ended.
While the event is ON, you will be unable to active the Fight Boosts and the Fight Crew.

Q: Will my Fight Boosts be available to use after the event has ended?
Your Fight Boosts will stay in your inventory during the event. You will be able to use them again once the event ends.
Q: What is new in this event?
Below are the key changes in this event:
You can deal a lot more Damage with every Attack in the Event. Stamina spent will be proportionate to the Damage dealt.
Each Attack will take up to 5 seconds for the damage to be dealt against the opponent.
If an opponent is Iced while you are Attacking them, only the amount of Stamina needed to Ice the opponent will be consumed.
Your health will also regenerate faster than ever before. Healing from the Hospital is cheaper and the cool-down on healing has also been reduced.
Fight Boosts and City Crew for Fights will be disabled while Fight Carnage is active.
The special ability of the NGO Mask will now reduce the Hospital Cooldown by 3, 5, 7 and 10 seconds respectively.
Q: Is this event going to be active in all Destinations? 
Yes, Fight Carnage will be active in all Destinations.
Q: Will I still be able to do low damage Attacks as before?
No, only the new powerful Attacks will be available while Fight Carnage is active.
Q: How can I share my feedback about this event with Mafia Wars Studio?
Click on this link to share your feedback directly with the Mafia Wars Studio.