Saturday, July 11, 2015

Extortion run - Lenny started


Extortion run

in the game and for mortals. Well it is not double as it was for VIP, but it is big difference between mortals and VIP always was and always will be, hm.

Ask your friends to Rough Up Lenny to increase his Fear Meter. 
Extort progressively better items based on the level of the Fear Meter.

  • The Fear Meter indicates the level of fear you have caused through 'Rough Up's.
  • The Fear Meter has 15 levels.
  • Increasing the Fear Meter level unlocks items which you can then choose to 'Extort' from them.
  • The number of 'Rough Up's required to gain a level on the Fear Meter varies by level. Every increase to the Fear Meter is permanent.
  • You can post Feeds to ask your Friends to 'Rough Up' the business owner for you.
  • Click on 'Ask' to ask for free 'Rough Up's from Friends.
  • You can post a Feed every 3 hours asking for 'Rough Up's. Each Feed will expire after 6 Friends access the Feed.
  • Whenever you increase the Fear Meter Level, you can also post a 'Brag' Feed. You can earn up to 5 'Rough Up's from Friends every time you post a 'Brag' Feed
  • Help any number of Friends by clicking on their Feeds and receive a 'Rough Up' in return. You can get up to 8 per day through 'Ask' Feeds and 2 more through 'Brag' Feeds this way.
  • Friends can 'Rough Up' the business owner for free, but can only help you until 7/25/2015 23:59:59 PDT .
  • You can continue to 'Rough Up' the business owner anytime by spending RP, even after the event timer ends.
  • You can 'Extort' one unlocked item for free every 18 hours.
  • You can 'Extort' additional unlocked items any time by spending RP without resetting the timer.
  • You can continue to 'Extort' the business owner even after the event timer ends.
  • You can see the 'Feed's from your Friends in The Mafia Feed.