Friday, July 17, 2015

FAQ: Arena Conquest

Arena Conquest is a 5-day event where you earn Insignias by ranking in the top 3 in the Arena and redeem them for amazing items. 

Q: What are Insignias and how to get them?
  • Insignias are awarded to players who rank in the top 3 positions of a Shootout or Mob Fury Arena. The number of Insignias earned per Arena increases based on your Streak Multiplier.
  • You can also get Insignias by scoring certain Kill Shots on your Enemies in the Arena.
  • Insignias from Kill Shots are NOT increased by the Streak Multiplier.
  • Your unused Insignias will carry over to the next day until the end of the event.

Q: What is Streak Multiiplier and how to increase it?
A: Streak Multiplier multiplies the number of Insignias earned per Arena. Your Streak Multiplier can go upto a maximum of 15X. If you do not rank in the top 3 in an Arena, your Streak Multiplier is reset to 1X. Ranking in the top 3 positions in Shootout or Mob Fury Arena will increase your Streak Multiplier which starts at 1X. Arenas with higher Cover Charge will award more Insignias on ranking in the top 3 and will also increase your Streak Multiplier by a higher amount.

Q: What are the rewards that I can get from the Arena Conquest?
  • Redeem Insignias for amazing itemsa.
  • A limited supply of each item is available everyday. Items will be replenished daily at 00:00:00 PDT at a higher cost.
  • So hurry and get them while they are cheap!
  • You can only redeem each item a limited number of times during the event.

Q: What will happen to the unused Insignias after the event?
A: Unused Insignias will be removed from your Inventory when the event ends.

Q: When will the Arena Conquest event end?
A: The event will end on 07/21/15 at 23:59 PDT

  • Over-Kill can be scored only ONCE per Arena
  • Arena Conquest is exclusive to Shootout and Mob Fury Arenas.

- Mafia Wars Team