Thursday, April 16, 2015

Sale's Frenzy Meter - Heat Wave


 Move up the Sale's Frenzy Meter by frequent current sale purchases* to get additional discounts on LE Loot & Skill Points.
Frenzy Meter will not affect your regular Marketplace Sale mastery progression.
The more you purchase, the higher you go on the Frenzy Meter and can earn even better discounts.
Each zone and their discounts are available for a limited time, as the needle will start to drop when the frequency of purchases reduce.
Stay in Zone '4' for 4 continuous hours and get an additional reward. On reaching Zone '4', the timer will begin to indicate how long you have continuously been in this zone.
On completing the Zone '4' Challenge, you will receive an additional reward and the Frenzy Meter needle will reset back to the bottom of the meter.
The Zone '4' Challenge timer will reset to 0 if the Frenzy Meter needle drops to a lower zone.