Friday, April 24, 2015

FAQ: South African Sundown


Q: Why is South Africa closing? 
A: Change is in the air and there are new and exciting things coming for Mafia Wars. Part of the storyline involves the closing down of South Africa. ‘The President was assassinated and following which, a massive power struggle has erupted in South Africa. Militant groups once thought eradicated have surfaced again for their chance at power. South Africa may soon see its last sundown…. ’

Q: When will this happen? A: South Africa shutdown will happen in phases over the next 18 days. All districts including Joburg will be available for the first 6 days of the event.

After the initial 6 days, i.e. starting April 30th, the Districts will start shutting down one-by-one with one District shutting down per day. South Africa will finally come to a closure on May 10th 2015 at 23:59 PM Pacific Time.

Cape Town :  shuts down on : 04/30/2015 23:59 PT
The Limpopo River :  shuts down on : 05/01/2015 23:59 PT
Bloemfontein :  shuts down on : 05/02/2015 23:59 PT 
Kimberley :  shuts down on : 05/03/2015 23:59 PT
Durban :  shuts down on : 05/04/2015 23:59 PT
Mthatha :  shuts down on : 05/05/2015 23:59 PT
Mafikeng :  shuts down on : 05/06/2015 23:59 PT
Nelspruit :  shuts down on : 05/07/2015 23:59 PT
Springbok :  shuts down on : 05/08/2015 23:59 PT
De Aar :  shuts down on : 05/09/2015 23:59 PT

The bonus district, Joburg will shut down on 05/10/2015 23:59 PT

Q: What exactly does the closing of South Africa mean? A: South Africa will no longer be accessible after 23:59 PM Pacific Time on May 10th 2015.  Although you will still be able to see in on the Travel menu, it will be grayed out and travel there will not be possible. 

Aside from travel to the city, this also means that you will not be able to collect from South Africa properties or access the city’s Bank (Rykdom Bank). 

In addition to this, you will be unable to vault any of the South Africa collections after the city has closed.

Q: Is the closing of South Africa going to be permanent? 
A: South Africa will remain closed for the foreseeable future.

Q: I got a pop-up with news about South African Sundown. When will the Event begin?A: The South African Sundown Event begins at 00:01 AM Pacific Time on April 24th 2015.

Q: How much time do I have to complete the event before South Africa closes?
A: You will have first 6 days from April 24th to April 30th where you have the opportunity to unlock all districts if you haven’t done so already. After which, you can complete the districts or collect as much loot as possible before the individual districts start shutting down as mentioned in the schedule above.

Please note that if you are unable to unlock a District before the previous one shuts down, all Districts will no longer be accessible. You will only be able to access Joburg (Bonus District).

Q: What does the Mission Event entail? A: During the Mission Event, you will receive 5X mastery for finishing jobs in South Africa. The Bonus District,Joburg will be available without a timer with 2X Mastery Bonus.
Apart from the regular loot drops for the city, you will also have the chance to loot new Armour bonus loot.

Q: What is the bonus loot that can be obtained with this event? A: The additional bonus loot Native Crown (265/247) will drop from South Africa fights and jobs.

Q: Is there a mastery item for completion of the Mission Event: South African Sundown? 
A: Yes, upon successful completion of the Mission Event, which is through completing various Mastery levels of ALL Districts (except Joburg), you will be rewarded with Cape Vulture.

Cape Vulture - Bronze (314A/210D)
Cape Vulture – Silver (324A/220D)
Cape Vulture – Gold (339A/230D)
Cape Vulture – Ruby (359A/240D)

Completing the Mastery Levels of Joburg will reward you with Hex Slam.

Hex Slam - Bronze (226A/300D)
Hex Slam - Silver (236A/310D)
Hex Slam - Gold (246A/325D)
Hex Slam - Ruby (256A/345D)

Q: Are there any other rewards associated with SA sundown?
A: Yes, the Tribute Collection will be available during this event and the Collection items will drop from all the Districts of South Africa during this event.

Vault the collection for a special reward – Expo Buggy (250/330).

Please note that the Tribute Collection can only be vaulted once.

Q: What if I have finished South Africa already? A: You can still do jobs and complete the Mission event – South African Sundown. Completing the Mission event and doing more jobs will award you with special loot.

Q: What if I haven’t finished South Africa yet? A: If you haven’t finished South Africa yet, you will receive 5x Mastery on all un-mastered jobs for districts other than Joburg and 2x Mastery on un-mastered Joburg jobs.

All the districts will be unlocked for you to do jobs and doing more jobs will also increase your chances to get the rare loot item – Native Crown. 

If you haven't vaulted the South Africa collections yet, you can do so while South Africa is still available.

Q: What will happen to my progress in South Africa, if I do not finish in time? 
A: All progress made by you will be saved, but you will not be able to access the city after 23:59 PM Pacific Time on May 10th 2015.