Friday, January 16, 2015

Update: Mexico Job Changes



Some of our players have recently reported about minor changes in the payout and requirements of some jobs in Mexico Districts – Mazatlan, Merida, Chiapas and Mexico City. 

Over a period of time, we observed that the pre-existing tuning of some jobs in the above mentioned Districts were resulting in an imbalanced game play and game economy.

To ensure a fair game play and sustain the economy of Mexico destination, 
we have incorporated some changes to selected jobs in Mexico and have changed the requirements and/or payouts.
Please note that this change will be will be unnoticeable for most of our player base as we have kept the highest XP payout jobs in all Districts intact.

We truly expect that these adjustments to the Mexico jobs will be better for all players and the game in the longer term. 

Rest assured, that we are committed to doing what it takes to keep Mafia Wars fun, exciting and rewarding into the future. 

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-Mafia Wars Team