Thursday, January 22, 2015

Dominance: FAQs


Q: What is Dominance?
 Dominance is a 5-day event in which Families continually outperform each other to claim control over 3 territories (Energy, Stamina, and Swag) and earn territorial rewards. The event can be accessed through the home page module.
Q: How do I play?
 Access Dominance through the home page module and click on each territory to view their respective tasks. There are 3 Territories available:
1.       Stamina Territory: Collect Ices
2.       Energy Territory: Loot from Jobs (except New York)
3.       Swag Territory: Collect loot from Friends (Ask)
The listed tasks are meant to be completed by Families to claim control over each territory. Each Dominance League has 90 families of similar Strength.
The first 30 families from every League to complete a territory's task will take control of that territory and climb up the leader boards for amazing rewards.

Click on each territory to view the following information:
1.       Requirements and Status: The minimum requirement to place your Family on the Leaderboard for a contest. The top 30 families on the leaderboard for each territory will win a reward for each territory at the end of each contest.
2.       Your Family Score: The score of your Family for a particular Territory.
3.       Your Contribution: Your contribution to your Family score for a particular Territory.

Q: Why does the event reset every 8 hours?
 During the 5-day event, Dominance is divided in 8-hour contests. After every 8 hours, the tasks and scores for all leaderboards will reset.
Please note that only top 30 families on the leaderboard at the end of each contest will win the respective territorial rewards.
You will be able to view new requirements for every contest by clicking on appropriate Territory through the home page module.
Q: Why am I unable to see the feature on my account?
Dominance will be unavailable on your account if any ONE of the following conditions is true:
·         You are not a part of any Family in Mafia Wars.
·         You have recently changed your Family (within the last 24 hours of the feature's release).
·         You switched to a different Family after the event was rolled out – You will be unable to contribute to tasks if you switch to a different Family while the Dominance event is ON.
Q: What are the feed limits for Swag Territory (Pink Flowers)?
 You can collect Pink Flowers from your friends by posting a Feed. You can post a feed every 4 hours and earn 5 Pink Powers from each Feed once your friends click on them.
You can receive a total of 15 Pink Powers each day (within 24 hours) by clicking on your Friends' Feeds. Feed timers reset at midnight PST every day.
Q: Why am I not receiving any loot from jobs in Energy Territory? 
 Please note that loot will not drop from doing jobs in New York. Please travel to another destination and do jobs to earn loot.
Q: Will ices earned from one-on-one challenge, Rematch and Private Arena count for the event?
 No, Ices earned from Rematch, Private Arena and one-on-one Challenge will not be considered for the event.
Q: What are the Rewards? 
 If your Family is amongst the top-30 in a league based leaderboard for any contest, you will receive 1 loot from the below list. Click on the (?) icon on the home page module to view the reward for the current Dominance contest.
·         Stealth Winger
·         Eclectus Parrot
·         Furnace Fued
·         Weapons Specialist
·         Watchful Helm
·         Grounded Move
The top 3 families on the leaderboard for each territory in each contest will also win 3, 2 and 1 Skill Points, respectively.

Q: What is the Amplifier Boost? How does it work?
During a contest, players can purchase the Amplifier boost to multiply the scores while the boost is active. Once purchased, the boost is immediately activated for all family members.
Once activated, an Amplifier Boost will multiply the contribution of all Family members for a maximum of 15 minutes.
The duration left and boost status will be indicated by the Amplifier Timer on the home page module. The Boost status will be visible to all Family Members and can be purchased by anyone in the Family.

There are 3 levels of Amplifier Boost:
1.       2x Boost
2.       4x Boost and
3.       6x Boost
Please note that the Amplifier Timer is active for a maximum of 15 minutes starting from the time you activate/purchase 2x Boost.
Purchasing subsequent higher boosts (4x and 6x) will NOT extend the Amplifier Timer.