Monday, December 1, 2014

FREE Reaper's Fang - (notifications) - not to all players AGAIN!

Here we are again. 
FREE Reaper's Fang I've got through notifications. 
Not all players get this item, even if they have set to receive notifications from Mafia Wars.
What's the point in this then?
Why is this item not available for all players?
Why are you giving it through notifications if some players could not receive it?
Why don't you give it through apps and games option then?
I AM sorry because not all of you are able to get this item no matter if it is useless.
This is sad, Zynga!

To all players that are receiving notifications from Mafia Wars, check it carefully it is about 2,5 hours old at the moment I've posted this.
And sadly that is not guarantee that you will get the item, but check your inventories, just to be sure.