Tuesday, December 30, 2014

Arena Rampage


  • Arena Rampage is a limited time collection event in The Arena.
  • Finish 7 objectives to complete the collection and vault it to win rewards.
  • The event will run for 7 days and the collection items can be collected during this 7-day time period only.
  • The 7 objectives under each mastery can be pursued parallelly.
  • You can vault the New Year's Bash Collection 4 times (Bronze, Silver, Gold, Ruby) during the event and earn amazing mastery rewards.
  • Vaulting a collection will unlock the next mastery.
  • If you vault the collection 4 times before the event timer ends, then you will have a chance to prove your mettle in the Emerald Mastery.
  • On unlocking the Emerald Mastery, the event timer will be extended by 24 hours during which you can vault the collection once more and earn an exclusive Emerald Mastery reward.
  • Private Arena, Challenge Arena and Rematch Arena scores do not count towards Arena Rampage.