Saturday, June 9, 2012

VIP Membership Program Benefits - FAQ


The VIP membership program is now available to all players. We are also providing additional benefit for subscribers who stay subscribed for a longer time.

Q. In how many months do I progress to silver VIP benefits?
A. It will take 3 complete months of continuous subscription for a subscriber to get silver benefits. Silver benefits are available as soon as the player has renewed (paid the subscription fee) for the 4th month.
Q. I got a pop-up that I can get to silver VIP benefits in 2 months instead of 3 months. When do I progress to silver benefits?
A. If the VIP membership of a subscriber has expired, he gets a pop-up to renew now and get silver benefits from the 3rd month following re-subscription. His earlier membership duration will not count towards the progression to Silver. The player would have to spend two complete months again as a VIP member to get silver benefits from the 3rd month.
This offer is valid only till 30th June. If the player with an expired membership re-subscribes after 30th June, he will not get one month progression into the benefits plan as a reward. One month of progression to silver benefits is also awarded to players who were rolled out the VIP membership late and who have subscribed or subscribe now. We are offering a month’s progression in the VIP benefits plan as a reward to these players. They would enjoy silver benefits after they complete 2 months of continuous subscription and renew for the 3rd month.
Q. I do not see any in-game messaging on how much time remains before I progress to the next level of VIP benefits?
A. Once you have progressed to Silver rewards, you will see a pop-up confirming the same. We are implementing changes and soon you will be able to check the remaining duration before the next level of VIP benefits kicks in for you.
Q. If I cancel my membership before expiry and move to cancel pending state, do I lose my progression in the benefits plan?
A. If players in cancel pending state renew their membership, they do not get 1 month progression into the benefits program but they retain their existing progression (duration of the membership) as a VIP subscriber. So if a player who has moved to cancel pending state during his 2nd month of subscription and renews before the end of 2nd month, he will progress to silver membership after one more month of subscription (after completing 3 months and making a payment for the 4th month). But if the same player does not renew his membership by the end of the 2nd month and moves to cancelled/expired state, he will get a pop-up to renew now and progress to silver benefits on completing 2 months of VIP subscription. His previous membership duration would not count towards the progression. This offer of getting one month progression into the benefits plan ends on 30th June.
Q. My credit card expired and I could not renew my membership. Do I lose all my retention benefits and start from the 1st month of Bronze membership?
A. We would strongly recommend you to update your credit card details, in the payment information we have saved for you, as soon as your card details have changed. As of now, if your membership expires, you need to re-subscribe again and you will start with Bronze benefits without any progression. But, if you feel you have a genuine case of payment failure and could not re-subscribe on time, please reach out to our CS team. We would grant you the membership progression you had attained before the payment failure led to the cancellation of your membership. Going forward, we would be providing a 4 day grace period to subscribers to re-subscribe and retain their progression in the benefit plan.
Q. When do the stats of the Harbinger of Destruction and Harbinger of Havoc start increasing?
A. The Attack and Defense stats for these super-powerful items increase every week starting 06/03/2012. The stats would be updated by the end of June 2012 and going forward, the updated stats would be visible every week.
Q. When I progress to Gold benefits - do I get additional +500 Attack, + 500 Defense added to my Mafia Strength?
A. When you progress to Silver VIP benefits - you will get +500 Attack, +500 Defense added to your Mafia strength. Since the Gold VIP benefits consist of all Silver benefits, you will retain +500 Attack, +500 Defense added to your Mafia strength on reaching silver and an additional +500 Attack,+500 Defense would be added to your Mafia strength. When you progress to Titanium VIP benefits, you would have a cumulative benefit of +3000 Attack, +3000 Defense added to your Mafia strength.
Q. When I cancel my VIP membership, will I lose all the VIP benefits?
A. You will retain the Reward points you already received and all the VIP items you got while you were subscribed to the VIP membership. All other benefits like additional Mafia strength, ability to reallocate 100 additional Skill points a day, ability to claim one additional exclusive Limited Edition item every week etc. would not be available once you have cancelled your membership.