Wednesday, June 13, 2012

Block Your Calendar for Dev Q&A session


Dear Mobsters, 

Block your calendar! We are providing you an opportunity to interact with our Developers. 

We are now providing you a chance to chat with Mafia Wars Developers and put across your questions. We will provide you with the topics for discussion and our developers will make sure they answer as many questions as possible. Please be informed that not all questions asked on this thread will be answered as we would have limited bandwidth to answer your questions. 

Want more? If your question is chosen as one of the best questions of the day by our developers, you will stand a chance to win an exciting prize!

Date: 15th June 2012 (PST)
Time: 7am PST / 10am EST 
Duration: 2hours 
Topics for discussion: Fight and Quest events. Please note: Questions outside these topics will not be answered during the Dev Q&A session. 

- Keep the question short and clear to understand 
- We will constantly monitor the thread to remove profanity and irrelevant questions (that are outside the topics for discussion).
- Trolling will not be tolerated. All participants will be expected to adhere to Code of Conduct guidelines
- Do not bring up individual issues with your account. Please file a CS ticket for such issues. Ask questions that would benefit the entire player community.
- The thread will be open only for 2 hours and we will close the thread and stop taking any more questions after the allocated time. If the responder was answering to your question while the allocated time expired, he will complete the answers for you before closing the question or we will answer your answer later after the event 
- Once the event is over, we will take a few days to clean up the thread and leave only the Q&A for everyone to see later 

So, don’t miss this opportunity to chat with our Developers. Block your calendar and keep your questions ready!

- The Mafia Wars Team