Tuesday, April 17, 2012

High-end loot adjustment - Update


Updated 04/17/2012 at 21:50

In our efforts to maintain a level playing field for the entire Mafia Wars community, we ran a claw back to remove items from a limited group of player’s accounts which had been incorrectly credited to them.

This action conflicted with a system issue on our side and additional items were inadvertently removed from a small segment of those affected accounts.

We are reverting this action and are working on creditng back all the items incorrectly removed from your account.

It might take us till Thursday (April 20th 2012) to grant the correct number of items back to you.

We regret the inconvenience this has caused and thank you for your patience while we work on resolving this issue.

We welcome your continued feedback via this survey:


Below are the two types of items for which we ran a claw back:

1. Items for which we know the maximum permissible number

-- We reduced the number of these items in inventory to the maximum number allowed

2. Items which were available during a certain period only. Gift mastery and Sale mastery items are available only during the gift mastery and market place sale event respectively

-- We removed the items if the players had managed to get them after the event ended.

These are in total 161 items

List of type A items

NameMastery TierMaximum allowed Items
Assassin's Jacket 1
Power Rifle 1
Little Dog 1
Harbinger 1
Cigar Box 1
Trigger Happy 8
Shelled Torso 2
Sleet 2
Cringe Rifle 2
Set of Hill's Heavy WeaponsGold1
Set of Hill's Heavy WeaponsRuby1
Bidwell's Suit 1
Jackson's Motorcycle 1
Experimental ExosuitGold1
Experimental ExosuitRuby1
Halloran's HelicopterSilver1
Halloran's HelicopterGold1
Halloran's HelicopterRuby1
Dragontongue 2
Enzo's Monocle 1
Bureau BadgeSilver1
Bureau BadgeGold1
Bureau BadgeRuby1
Bureau Badge 1
Rum-Runner GunboatBronze1
Rum-Runner GunboatSilver1
Rum-Runner GunboatGold1
Rum-Runner GunboatRuby1
Massacre Killing CrewBronze1
Massacre Killing CrewSilver1
Massacre Killing CrewGold1
Massacre Killing CrewRuby1
Assassin Bug 1
Whetstone Submarine 1
Splint Cycle 1
Messinos PistolGold1
Messinos PistolRuby1
Sword of St. GodfreySilver1
Sword of St. GodfreyGold1
Sword of St. GodfreyRuby1
Di Rossi's AssassinSilver1
Di Rossi's AssassinGold1
Di Rossi's AssassinRuby1
Great Blue Heron 2
Death's Head 2
Sandoval Vest 1
Pablo's Gutting Knife 1
Tinto's Jaguar 1
Rosa's Luxury Helicopter 1
Sousa SportSilver1
Sousa SportGold1
Sousa SportRuby1
Albino Python 1
NGO MaskGold1
NGO MaskRuby1
Camp KnifeGold1
Camp KnifeRuby1
Abelha HelicopterSilver1
Abelha HelicopterGold1
Abelha HelicopterRuby1
Master's GiBronze1
Master's GiSilver1
Master's GiGold1
Master's GiRuby1
Pair of Heel Guards 1
Machete Dance PropBronze1
Machete Dance PropSilver1
Machete Dance PropGold1
Machete Dance PropRuby1
Gold Dust ArmorGold1
Gold Dust ArmorRuby1
Gilded Uzi 1
Talking Stalk 1
Thin Ice 25
Ma 1
Two-Headed Snake 1
Aviatrix Hawk Helm 1
Crescent Dagger 1
Golden Tabby Tiger 2
Grip 950 Special 2
Kookaburra 2
Yeti Maw Helmet 1
Scops Owl 1
Sky Manta 1
Olympic Archer 3
Knife Knuckles 1
Zipa 1
Lounge Singer 2
Turnstyle 2
Jaguarundi 2
River Otter 2
Rough Vest 1
Compound Pulse Rifle 1
Bruiser 1
White Lion 1
Whitecap Racer 1
Ribbed Ankle Boots 1
Lexington LimoGold1
Lexington LimoRuby1
Pantucci's PistolSilver1
Pantucci's PistolGold1
Pantucci's PistolRuby1
Don Colosimo's LimoBronze1
Don Colosimo's LimoSilver1
Don Colosimo's LimoGold1
Don Colosimo's LimoRuby1
Franky's Lucky CharmBronze1
Franky's Lucky CharmSilver1
Franky's Lucky CharmGold1
Franky's Lucky CharmRuby1
Chomp Rocket 2
Mortal Coil 2
Z Reaper 2
Party Animal 1
Slasher 2
Metal Tipped StudsBronze1
Metal Tipped StudsSilver1
Metal Tipped StudsGold1
Metal Tipped StudsRuby1
Foxy 3
Golden Eye 1
Street WarriorGold1
Street WarriorRuby1
Bribed PolicemanSilver1
Bribed PolicemanGold1
Bribed PolicemanRuby1
Outlaw 3
Skull Cracker 1
Ed the MechanicGold1
Ed the MechanicRuby1
Saw Shark 1
Updraft ChopperGold1
Updraft ChopperRuby1
Invader Helmet 1
Rotator Shotty 1
Mafioso 2
Bearded Dragon 1
Mole 2
Kiss of Death 3
Size Does Matter 1
luck of irish 

Type B

Bootlegger Bill
Mortal Chromebat .22
Celestial Dragon
Mad Hatter
Mean Girl
 The Mafia Wars Team