Thursday, December 29, 2011

New Year’s Resolutions Mission FAQ


The time of New Year's Resolutions has arrived and these you will want to keep.
For each completed resolution you will earn one vote which you can use to vote for your favorite Event from 2011.
For each vote you cast you will be awarded a Loot from the Event you voted for!

Q. When will the New Year’s Resolutions Mission open?
A.  The Mission was rolled out on December 29th, 2011 and will end on Jan 4thPacific Time.

Q. How many Resolutions are available for completion?
A. There are 10 Resolutions available:
  • Win 2500 Fights in Chicago
  • Ice 200 Opponents in Brazil
  • Rob 500 Properties in Italy
  • Clear 100 Robbing Boards in Chicago
  • Upgrade School of Choice 2 Times
  • Craft from School of Choice 6 Times
  • Do 500 Jobs in Chicago
  • Win 5 Wars
  • Get Support from 200 Mafia Members
  • Ask for 100 Mission Crews from Your Mafia
Q: Do I have to complete Resolutions in a specific order?
A: No, Resolutions can be completed in any order you like.

Q: Is there any other way to complete Resolutions other than accomplishing the objectives?
A: Yes, you can use Reward Points to complete them faster.

Q: What rewards do I earn for completing a Resolution?
A: You’ll earn 1 (one) vote for the completion of each Resolution.

Q:  Where can I use these votes?
A:  Click on the “Vote for Events” tab in the Mission window and use the earned Votes to vote for your favorite Event released in 2011. Alternatively, you can buy votes using Reward Points.

Q; When I vote for an Event, do I get the Event Themed Loot?
A: Yes, when you vote for an event an Event Themed Loot will be awarded to you.

Q: Can I get multiple Loot items?
A: Yes, you’ll get one Loot item for each vote. You can vote as many times as you wish for one Event.

Q: Do I get free votes?
A: Yes, you will get one free vote every 24 hours, your free vote will expire after 24 hours if not used. Free Votes are counted separately and a countdown timer indicating their expiry is shown on the vote board.

Q: What will happen when I complete all the 10 available Resolutions?
A: Once you complete all 10 Resolutions, the list of Resolutions will reset and you’ll have more opportunities to earn votes by completing them again. Apart from receiving XP, you’ll also receive one Bonus Vote which will be counted as an earned vote after completing all 10 Resolutions.

Q: Will I receive XP separately for completing each Resolution?
A: No, you will receive XP only after completing all 10 available Resolutions.

Q: All the items have the same stats, how would my votes make a difference?
A:  When you cast your vote for an Event it is counted for this Event. The more votes you cast for one event the higher the chances of it placing first. On January 4th 2012 the votes will be counted and the three Events with the most votes will be rewarded extra Mastery strength:
Rank 1 (or Top-voted item):  Ruby Mastery (122 Attack /122 Defense)
Rank 2:                                     Gold Mastery (112 Attack /112 Defense)
Rank 3:                                     Silver Mastery (107 Attack /107 Defense)
The remaining items will stay at their base Mastery Level ie. Bronze Mastery Level (102 Attack /102 Defense)

Q: Where can I see the status of votes cast for an Event?
A: Once you voted for an Event you will see a Pop-Up window showing you the Loot you received as well as how many votes have been cast so far for this Event.

Q: When will be the results announced? 
A: The results will be updated after the Mission ends on Jan 4th 2012 and the stats of the wining Loots will be updated automatically.