Thursday, June 23, 2011

Coming Soon: Premium Boosts, The Big Payoff, & RP Double Up

Info from Official Mafia Wars Blog
Premium BoostsPremium Boosts
Tired of seeing “Sorry you lost” when you fight heavy hitters? We’re introducing 3 different Premium Boosts to the Marketplace to help you collect more ices by enabling you to endure more pain or deal more damage or allow you to walk away with more money if you lose. Premium Boosts pack more punch than normal boosts, and you can get 10 Premium Boosts for 12 RP! The 3 Premium Boosts are all attack boosts. Here’s what they do:
Vampire Batting Vampire Batting
Restores your health by half the amount damage you deal. (i.e. If you deal 20 damage to your opponent, you will also regain 10 health.)
Ruthless Ruthless
Doubles the damage you deal when you attack your opponent.
Decoy Decoy
Steals your opponent’s money when you lose a fight - instead of losing money. (This boost will only be activated when you lose a fight and your opponent has cash available to steal.)

The Big PayoffThe Big Payoff
Our biggest energy players have been asking us for a challenge, and we are pleased to announce that we have created a high-energy job exclusively for our top jobbers: The Big Payoff.
If you have 2,000+ energy points, you’ll get a shot at mastering The Big Payoff, where you got to SPEND BIG if you want to WIN BIG. (It costs 1,000 energy each time you click “Do Job”. Now may be a good time to use your energy packs!) For completing The Big Payoff you will recieve the Rare vehicle, Thin Ice (150 Attack/100 Defense), and attack, defense, and experience points! The Big Payoff is a limited-time event during which you can master the job to earn Thin Ice up to 25 times.

RP Double UpRP Double Up
For a limited time, buy RP for a chance to double your purchase or win bonus RP. Head to the Marketplace to see if today is the day you get to double your pleasure and double your fun!