Friday, November 4, 2016

Announcement Additional Update on Latency Issues (La Cosa Nostra)

Progress on fixing this issue was made over the weekend but unfortunately there are still some players noticing continuing latency in some cases. Things are smoother than they were last week but still not up to a level that we consider acceptable.
We're still working on it and will be performing some further optimizations today. This could result in some more frequent occurrences of latency but we'll be on top of them to stamp them down as they come.
Thanks again very much for your patience while we fix this. Further updates will be placed here as they come and if you notice anything strange please let us know here or in Support.

They know everything about issues in the game and here is the last update. 
In the World Chat you can find Announcement with the link that will lead you to that last update. It looks like on the bellow image and here is the link for that update:

UpdateOur team continues to work on the issues and we've made some good headway. There have been some hiccups but we're showing better response times in the game.

With some good news must come some bad, and the bad news is that we're looking at this problem lasting throughout the evening and into tomorrow morning at this point. We're definitely not thrilled with this and how long it's been taking, so we can only imagine how you guys feel. We'll continue to improve performance where we can.

Thanks for your continued patience while we keep working on this. Once we have more news we'll let you know.