Monday, May 23, 2016

On This Day - May, 23rd,2013. (E&A closure and bonus package in MW)

On this day (May, 23rd, 2016.) I've got 100 Reward Points in bonus package in Mafia Wars as reward for playing Empires &Allies, that was about to close in June,17,2013. That was a great reward. I do not know what is bonus package today in Texas Holdem Poker or Empires &Allies, because I am not playing E&A on mobile and Zynga Poker(?) (I dont think so, esp with that new look of Poker). So, at this moment I will not choose neither one of two offered games. 
There is a small difference between those two closures. When E&A was announced to be closed there stands that E&A will be shutting down on Facebook on June, 17th, 2013. When Mafia Wars was announced to be closed stands only that it will be closed on June, 6th, this year
So, I am pretty sure that this game is going to be closed as announced and without any chance to play it on mobiles, Amazon or anywhere else. 

On May, 23rd, 2013 - We've posted 

100 Reward Points in Bonus Package!

100 Reward Points - wooohoooo!!!!

As a player of Empires & Allies, game that will be shutting down on June, 17th, 2013. I was able to choose 1 between 4 offered games, to receive Bonus Package for.

I choose Mafia Wars.
I love this 100 Reward Points, thank you Zynga.

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