Thursday, November 26, 2015

Family Reunion

  • Family Reunion is a 7-day event in which you complete your Daily Family Progression to earn up to 7x Family XP and an exclusive Reward.
  • Collect Family XP at least once every day for 7 days to win a exclusive Reward at the end of the Reunion.
  • You can collect progressively higher Family XP each day.
  • If you miss a day you can continue where you left off the next day. However you will miss the exclusive Reward for not collecting all 7 days.
  • You can invite Family Members to take part in the event by using the Invite button on the Home Page Event Banner.
  • Invite Family Members who have not played in the last 15 days or more and you will get an even bigger bonus to your Family XP for the week if they take part in the event!
  • Your progress will continue even if you leave a Family and join a new Family during this event.