Tuesday, November 18, 2014

Mock War: Metropolitan Mafia Alliance

One of our dedicated Mafia Wars Families, Metropolitan Mafia Alliance will be celebrating their 6th Anniversary onNov 21-23, 3 PM EST, 2014 with a Super Heroes Vs Super Villains themed Mock War.
To celebrate this occasion, Zynga and Mafia Wars is giving away a special Limited Edition item, Super Cruiser (326 Attack / 259 Defense ) to all the participants and 10 RPs each to the top ten players who compete in this mock war. 

If you are part of a Family celebrating their birthday, ( third anniversary and above), let us know so we can help you have a mock war to celebrate your Family's loyalty to Mafia Wars. Fill out the form here --->http://zynga.tm/bjJD
Keep Playing Mafia Wars ----> http://zynga.tm/jzPJ
-The Mafia Wars Team