Tuesday, July 29, 2014

Oil Rig : Limited Time Property (official post)

The new Limited Time Property – Oil Rig is here!
Collect parts from your friends and upgrade your Oil Rig all the way to level 15!
Here, you'll be able to build awesome loot, including Troubled Waters (211/259) + 6 Stamina (at Level 15) as you upgrade the property with the help of your Mafia sending you upgrade parts!
Based on the feedback from our players, we have made a few changes to the way you can collect parts for this Limited Time Property.
You can now publish a feed request asking for parts every 2 hours (unlike every 8 hours in the previous Limited Time Properties).
Every feed post can give you up to a maximum of 6 parts, as your Mafia helps you by clicking on them. However, please note that you cannot collect more than 36 parts from the published feeds on any given day.
For example: If you published continuous feeds every 2 hours and have been successfully receiving 6 parts for each one of them, you will hit the maximum cap of 36 parts with your 6th feed post and will not receive further parts for the rest of the day, until the daily timer resets.
The daily timers for Oil Rig will reset at midnight PDT every day.
Oil Rig
Click to play!
-The Mafia Wars Team