Thursday, January 24, 2013

Loading issue with your Mafia Wars game.


We monitor our game performance very closely and make every effort to let you know in advance when your connectivity may be hampered due to issues on our end. Remember that any time you experience a loading issue, a good rule of thumb is to try refreshing the page once or twice. If refreshing does not result in your game loading properly, try the following troubleshooting measures.
Use Google Chrome or Mozilla Firefox as your default browser

We suggest that you use Google Chrome or Mozilla Firefox for the best game play experience. We also recommend that you always make sure that you are using the latest version of your browser. These are the last versions of the different browsers that support Zynga games:

*Google Chrome
Having your browser updated can help improve your game play experience. To check which browser version you are using, go to the Help menu of your browser window and select About. To upgrade to the latest version, click any of the links above.

There are several documented issues surrounding Internet Explorer (IE) and Flash content. We do not recommend IE as your browser.

For higher performance, we recommend you to play via .

Troubleshooting Your Browser Performance
1. Clear your cache:
Video: with Chrome
Video: with Firefox
2. Verify that JavaScript is enabled.
Video: with Chrome
Video: with Firefox
3. Close your other internet applications, especially any file-sharing applications or concurrent streaming video.
4. Use a plug-in (Ethernet) network connection rather than wireless. 
5. Disable pop-up or ad blocking software. These software types actively monitor JavaScript and have been found to have a negative performance impact on our games, which rely upon JavaScript.

TIP: Rather than fully disabling the software, you can create an exception for the social  networking platform on which you play our games. Please refer to your software's  documentation or help information for instructions.

Troubleshooting Flash Performance

1. Click
 here to download the latest Flash player if you do not currently have it.
2. Reboot your system.
3. Adjust your Flash settings to give Flash permission to store information on your computer. Instructions on how to accomplish this can be found
4. Uninstall and re-install Java. Click here for instructions.

NOTE: When you are having difficulty loading Mafia Wars, please be sure to try refreshing the page. This may or may not work.