Tuesday, October 30, 2012

Werewolf Armageddon - FAQ

The Werewolf Armageddon has come to pass! Test your fighting mettle against the darkest forces of evil.
Fight as either a Hunter fending off the Werewolves or as a Werewolf trying to turn Hunters into Werewolves.
The Werewolf Armageddon Fight Event starts on Tuesday, October 30th 2012 and will be active till November 5th 2012.
Your allegiance is assigned at the beginning of each wave; each wave ends in 15 minutes from the start time.  Prevent the Werewolf contamination from overwhelming the wave and win rewards after the wave ends.
Earn Wave Points by icing other players – Hunters or Werewolves. You score more points for icing those on the opposing side. 
Q: What is a Wave? A:  A wave is a 15 minute game play session where the icing will count towards Werewolf Armageddon. The first wave will start on October 30th 2012, Midnight PT and will keep refreshing every 15 minutes through November 5th at 23:59 PT.
Q:  How is it determined whether I will be a Hunter or Werewolf?A:  The faction you start fighting for is randomly determined at the beginning of each wave.  You can start fighting as a Hunter or a Werewolf and progress through the wave to earn more Wave Points.
Q:  How would I know if I am a Hunter or Werewolf?A:  As soon as a new wave starts, you will be notified through a pop-up and Home Page module about the faction you are fighting as.
A small icon next to your name in the fight page will also indicate about your status. H (
indicates that you are fighting as a Hunter whereas W (indicates that you are a Werewolf.
Hunters:Pop-up notification:
Home Page module:

Pop-up notification:
Home Page module:
Q:  How do I turn into a Werewolf from Hunter and vice-versa? 
A:  If you are a Hunter during a particular wave, you will turn into Werewolf if you are iced by another Werewolf.
You will be notified through an in game pop up if you are iced by a Werewolf. 
You can use the boost Wolfsbane to convert back to a Hunter.

A:  There are 4 useful Boosts (consumables) available during the event:
For Hunters:
Form Revealer: Prevents a Hunter from being turned into Werewolf once. Obtain this boost if you want to prevent yourself from turning into a Werewolf.

This boost helps you get bonus Wave Points as a Hunter. With this Boost, you can get 2x Wave Points for icing a Werewolf while you are a hunter in a particular wave.
This is a time-limited boost and you will need to use it within 2 minutes of activating.

Wolfsbane: Turn back into a Hunter if you have been iced by a Werewolf.
This boost helps you get Bonus Points as a Werewolf. With this Boost, you can get 2x Wave Points for icing a Hunter in a particular wave.
This is a time-limited boost and you will need to use it within 2 minutes of activating.

A:  You can use the status bar just above the Fight Page to view the status of a Wave and to activate the Boosts.
The status bar will look different depending upon the faction you start the wave as:
For Hunter:

2. Curse Status: This section of the status bar indicates the Curse status of Wave. The Infestation meter has 4 levels which are based on current progress towards fight wave.
a. Low
b. Medium
c. High
d. Critical (mostly towards the end of the wave)
3. Wave  Points: This is the number of Wave Points earned  during the wave. Please note that Wave Points will reset with every new Wave and you need to fight again to claim the Wave Mastery items.
4. Consumables: The amount of consumables in account: 
Wolfsbane and Werewolf Fang for Werewolves 
Form Revealer and Silver Bullet for Hunters

A:  You will earn more Wave Points by icing those on your opposing side. The amounts of points you can earn through fighting are displayed on the Fight Page. Killing an opponent will give you 2x Wave Points.
If you are a Hunter:

A:  You can earn mastery items as either a Hunter or a Werewolf for each wave. Only one mastery item per Wave will be awarded.
Each player will begin the wave with 0 points.  The chart below shows the amount of points that you will need for each level to win the mastery item.  
In order to receive a better reward, you should ice your opponents as quickly as possible.

A: Yes, the Wave Points earned by you are accumulated for an Event Mastery reward – Eternal Moon.
Below chart shows the amount of points that you will need to win the various mastery items.